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Reunion 2015

reunion-2015More information concerning the Reunion 2015


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Rylands High Alumni Commitee Members

Khalil Sungay – Chairman

It’s come together at last and we the exco are grateful that our website has finally arrived, and is live.
Enjoy your website and make it part of your life going forward. Use it to connect and look up as many of your
ex rylander friends as you can.

Life is truly a journey. Back in the day, all we as students could think of was finishing off at school.
Today as we reminisce,  most will attest to the fact that your school days is undoubtedly the most unforgettable.
Rylands High School, its educators and all those that formed part of it certainly shaped us into what we have
become today. Our lives are so busy today that we don’t pause to acknowledge relationships of good
friends and  mentor that shaped our lives so positively. Make this website your portal to connect and keep in
contact with as many old friends and ex educators.

This is exactly what this “Rylands High School Alumni” body wishes to achieve with this Reunion and all other
activities related thereto. What a wonderful way to celebrate our ageing by remembering those that
shaped it for us and who was part of our journey, be it friends or mentors.

Wev’e stood on the shoulders of Giants at Rylands High and made many good friends.

Let’s celebrate them and hats off to the Alumni exco that works so tirelessly to put all of this together for you.
Let’s spread the word about the wonderful event planned for 21 February 2015.Please become an ambassador
for this reunion and the Alumni. Take time to take this all in, enjoy your trip down memory lane and Become part
of history in the making.

Most important, get your ticket before it is too late.
Looking forward to see you all there.

Warm Regards

Ashraf Parker – Vice Chairman

A decade or two ago, ours was a tiny, struggling school. Today our students and scholars cover the globe and their contributions
to society make a difference wherever they are. As alumni who truly love and faithfully support this great institution, i know you share a pride in what we are intending to do and where we plan to go.

Alumni are one of many titles that you bare and it is also a title that lends definition to your life in certain respects.
The word itself is derived from the latin verb “alere”” to nourish” and literally means “nourished ones”

The alumni presents us with an opportunity to reflect upon our school life.these thoughts compel us to recognize and thank the school without which our achievements in life,whether huge or small,would not have been possible. We all play a role in the wider society. We should use our positions of influence, to direct the development of our society  and  in particular the aims and objectives on the alumni association.

I call on all of our ex-students to be a part of this alumni and in so doing act as an inspiration to society and the educators and learners of Rylands High school.

Amina Viljoen

Shamima Mayat Lombard
Assistant Secretary

Mansoor Upadey

Nurool Khalfey
Assistant Treasurer

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