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Reunion 2015

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Chairman Transcript – 1st Forum Meeting

Towards the end of 2013 I was asked to do a motivational talk to matriculants at another school and after that talk I
observed those students, it took me right back to my own Matric days.

What I saw made me smile from ear to ear and gave me warmness on the inside. All of them shared this crazy naughtiness
and camaraderie and tightness that only a person that has been in Matric can understand that is what I’m talking about. That
feeling was so infectious, it made me want to look for some of my old school friends immediately . Remember sharing this
experience with Salim Sungay and while we were talking about our own days, it dawned us back upon that in 2014, it will have
been 30 years since we have matriculated.

With this in mind we worked towards a 30 year matric reunion for the class of 1984. We spread the name via email, etc with
nothing else but a strong resolve to do reunion and we were gobsmacked by the response. A few meetings at hotels, coffee
shops and the school ensued, and the rest in history.

At the first open fourum meeting for ex Rylanders held in this hall, we were mandated to nominate an executive
and I would like to introduce them all to you now. Tonight in our second forum meeting I want to report to you our success.
To date we have a constitution and it is our intention in time to register as a PBO. This will mean that should anybody donate
as organisation, SARS will treat such donation as a tax deductable to the person who made such donation.

IF the experience that we have had just in the last 5 months is anything to go by, I can assure you, you would want to form
part of this wonderful initiative. I cannot speak for all but in the main, we all look different now and what a wonderful way to
celebrate our aging by remembering about those weird and wonderful days. I remember in our last meeting, some of our friends
had difficulty in recognising each other and after about 40 minutes when they realised who is who in the zoo, complete
pandemonium ensued.

To date I can report that a large reunion is being planned for all matriculants from 1979- 1990 in Febuary of next year, the exact
date is still to be announced . This will give us sufficient time to spread the word to as many of our colleagues and friends as possible,
be they in other parts of the country or overseas.

We cannot it all in one go and in time we will attend to the rest of the years. For now , we are feverishly collecting info and urge
you to kindly add your name and contacts to our database.

Taking a trip down to memory lane!

Those were the days for us. Can you remember , Rylands high must have been the only school in the entire western cape where
male teachers had longer hair than lady teachers. Can you still remember how long Mr Maharaj’s was at some stage? Yes, the
school boys were told to keep their hair short. and What on earth happened to our curry uniform man. It was hard to bunk school
in that uniform [khalilsungay] !!!

It was the era of JOHN TRAVOLTA’S SATURDAY night fever, space odyssey and galaxy off course Paula Abdul. Where is
Mohamood Oberai? That is all he talked about. Paula Abdul and off course the hit song “ENDLESS LOVE” And who can forget Bolla
and his long distance run and the boycotts .

I remember when lady Diana and Charles got married you could have sworn that lady D was an ex pupil of Rylands high, for the
school literally came to a halt. Those were the days “hey” Who can ever forget Mr Waja Mr Matthews and DV Govender God bless
her soul. We will make every Effort to get Mr Waja to our function in Feb next year.

I could never understand how teachers can subject themselves to so much drama by us kids. The only conclusion I can come to is ,
despite how much stress they take in their jobs, it must give them an immense amount of satisfaction to know that they are doing
their bit to prepare us for the world out there. Our lives today are hectic that we don’t pause to acknowledge the relationship of
mentors and friends that shaped our live positively in to what we have become today

This Alumni has in mind to acknowledge relationships and even build it stronger and make a real difference. We stood on the
shoulders of giants in this school. Those teachers certainly shaped our future .

Today in this school I can only imagine the challenges and all that we as ex students of this alma matter can do, is to do our bit
to create opportunities as best as we know how and look for ways to enhance this institution and it’s office bearers.

At the end of the day life is about cherishing that which feeds the mind and nourishes the soul.

The “Rylands high Alumni” has in mind to add value,, be it in a form of a social responsibility initiative by it’s past with clients, for
past students, past teachers, existing students, be it in the form of networking , students grants career assistance, job shadowing and
many other needy initiatives that we can make available. The health and well being of this institution, Rylands high and all those that
came through it’s doors, is as important to us as it is to it’s office bearers and governing body alike.

Yes we want to keep in contact with one other and strengthen relationships and retain friendships, but more important, we want
existing students and future generations to experience what we have experienced in Rylands high. At first class education is where
friendships are born and grow stronger as we grow old.

Thank you for being a loyal ex Rylander !

Our success and accomplishments will be a direct result of your commitment , loyalty and support.
Please help us to enrich your lives as well as that of existing and future generations.

Spread the word!
Spread the love!

Put down your name and encourage your ex Rylands high friends that you in contact with to do the same.


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