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Reunion 2015

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Publication Project

The RHS Alumni Committee is pleased to announce that it is considering undertaking a publication project on
the history of Rylands High as an institution launched in the politically significant year 1976.

The aim of this publication is not just to celebrate the history of the school but, more importantly, to document that history in a hard copy volume accessible to the general public. The publication is intended to be unique in that it will be an attractive coffee-table book, but also one with academic integrity in that it will truly reflect the untold story of the school from various sources. This project will require, inter alia, the co-operation and participation of a team of about ten researchers dedicated to the task. The meeting of 26 November 2014 and the alumni reunion on 21 February 2015 are important events for the purpose of identifying suitable members of the team of researchers who are able to contribute their time for this purpose. The reasons for sourcing researchers from the RHS alumni are twofold. First, it is to work with professionals, who not only possess the relevant research skills and credentials, but who also have a passion and interest in the project as products of Rylands High.

Secondly, it is to conserve costs due to budgetary constraints. The project is undertaken with a very limited
budget dependent on ten suitably skilled professionals who are willing to volunteer their time.

Any alumni interested in volunteering for this project are requested to contact  mahmood@mviews.co.za

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